Small Group Instructor Training Course


The Army has long recognized the necessity for teamwork to achieve mission success in tactical operations. As a result, unit training programs are designed to build on the notion that teamwork reduces the adverse impact of individual weaknesses and capitalizes on the collective strengths of the entire unit, whether it be a team, squad, platoon, or larger element. The use of SGI brings this same notion to the classroom.

Course Scope:

To be an effective small group leader, you must learn the small group instructional methods and actively participate in the small group session to practice and reinforce lesson reading and supporting material.

The Course requirements are:

  • Apply the information on SGI presented in the lessons and readings.
  • Participate in your small groups as a group member.
  • Present a lesson from the course.
  • Adapt your own lesson materials to an appropriate SGI method and give the lesson in your group as your final exam.
  • Evaluate your peers and your group using the checklist provided.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the course in achieving the objectives.


Email: ‚Äč 2/640th RTI 25CMF-OPS