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Here's where you can find help.

Often we never think to ask for help because we've been conditioned to take responsibility for ourselves and our circumstances. This isn't a weakness, rather it takes a great deal of humility and courage to admit to yourself and those around you that you need some help. We understand this because we have been there too.

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Crisis support and behavioral health assessments are handled through licensed clinicians who provide 24 hour crisis response, schedule weekly assessments, connect individuals to behavioral health resources, and offer consultation to Service members, Family members, and Command.

Wing Director of Psychological Health: office 801. 245.2210, mobile 801.245.2447

Army Psychological Health Coordinator: office 801.432.4578, mobile 801.419.2187

Army Director of Behavioral Health: office 801.432.4579, mobile 801.716.9068

Our clinicians coordinate with all departments and major commands within the Utah National Guard. They can consult on all behavioral health related questions/situations no matter how small or significant. Services are handled confidentially and with respect.

For additional local crisis support and services, please contact UNI Crisis Services: 801.587.3000

When a service member passes on there are a myriad of tasks we can help with to include Military Funeral Honors, Insurance, and Uniform preparation for burial. Call us at 801-432-4153.
Limited Use Policy

One of the most important things Soldiers need to become familiar with when it comes to the Army Substance Abuse Program is the Limited Use Policy.

The Limited Use Policy is intended to encourage Soldiers to self refer so they can receive the help they need for illegal drug use and alcohol abuse. It helps facilitate treatment and rehabilitation of those who demonstrate the potential for rehabilitation and retention.

The Limited Use Policy limits the negative actions that can be taken against Soldiers who self refer prior to being notified of a urinalysis. For example, the Limited Use Policy allows Soldiers to be protected from charges of admitted drug use and possession that occurred prior to the self referral.

For more information regarding the Limited Use Policy and the self-referral process, please contact the UTARNG Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator.

Office: (801) 432-4666
Cell: (801) 598-2089

If you are in crisis please call 911

Or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 option 1.

The objectives of the Utah National Guard (UTNG) Suicide Prevention Program are to provide the following services to UTNG employees, commanders, and their families:

- Prevent suicide through awareness, prevention, and intervention training.
- Provides postvention resources and education to prevent additional suicides or suicide behavior.
- Coordinating crisis response for individuals experiencing mental health crises.

The Adjutant General for the State of Utah recently addressed the issue of suicide, you can watch his message HERE.

For specific questions regarding training programs that are available for your unit, or your family please contact the Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator at 801-432-4533.

If you know of a Service Member who is struggling with thoughts of suicide, contact the UTNG Ready and Resilient Campaign Manager at 801-432-4943 to connect them with resources. Additionally, you can contact the Military Crisis Line.

For immediate assistance please call the Sexual Assualt Response Coordinator 801-716-9254

The Department of Defence recognizes the threat that sexual assault presents to individual members of the armed forces as well as to unit readiness. Policies to mitigate the problem and protect victims have been implemented at the highest levels.


Crisis Intervention & Hospital Diversion Services

CrisisLine (801) 587-3000
Warm Line (801) 587-1055

UNI has teamed up with Salt Lake County and OptumHealth SLCo to provide free crisis response and hospital diversion programs that aim to keep all our family members, friends, and neighbors safe. The community crisis service programs are designed to provide community members with a full range of options to help solve the crisis in the best setting possible. Our team of professionals are highly trained in mental health crisis management and suicide prevention.

UNI CrisisLine

Utah Military Family Life Consultants are local Master’s or PhD level licensed clinical counselors. We provide No Cost Brief Solution Focused Counseling for all service members and their families, and for those who provide services to the National Guard. Services offered include anger problems, communication, conflict resolution, relationship issues, deployment/reintegration stresses, grief and loss, school issues, behavioral concerns, and daily life issues.

801-432-4622 Draper Headquarters

801-878-5480 Camp Williams

801-476-9840 Browning Armory-Ogden


The Utah National Guard Headquarters is located in Draper, UT just east of I-15. It is easy to spot the large American and Utah State Flags flying in front of the large red brick building.

If you are coming from the north, you will want to take the 123rd South exit. From the south, use the Bangeter Hwy exit.

Address: 12953 South Minuteman Drive, Draper, UT 84020
Telephone: 866-456-4507
Fax: 801-432-4685